It’s the reason why we are in business. It’s the driving force behind our mission to protect the planet’s most precious resource by re-sourcing, reusing and recovering wastewater, seawater and brackish water from any source for any process or operation.


Our vision is crystal clear

Empower communities, businesses and organisations of all sizes, municipalities, governments and countries with smart water treatment solutions that create a sustainable supply of high quality water while ensuring environments are kept and left healthy and balanced.

Empowered and empowering

Along with significant black shareholding, NuWater’s commitment to empowerment and upliftment is evident in our increasing investment in:

  • Skills development and training
  • Mentoring and developing SME businesses
  • Creating job opportunities for graduates
  • Contributing abilities, knowledge and facilities to Save Our Schools

People. Planet. Profit.

We’ve always adopted a triple bottom-line approach. Our people are our most valuable asset, which is why we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our employees come to work motivated, committed and driven and leave with a sense of satisfaction, recognition and achievement.

We have built long term smart partnership with global suppliers and best in class manufacturers, which enables us to deliver value, efficiencies and reliability all round for our clients and the communities they serve. We are also deeply committed to equality, empowerment and readdressing the wrongs of the past by up skilling and training, creating job opportunities for graduates while funding, mentoring and developing SME businesses.

Enterprise development

As part of our BBBEE and CSR strategies, every year we will give one budding entrepreneur the opportunity to build their own Barista business, using NuWater as the incubator.

The Barista Station will operate as our onsite coffee shop.

We will equip the entrepreneurs with all the necessary tools, equipment, mentorship and workspace they require, while subsidising operations for the first six months. Following a full year of operating in NuWater’s offices, the entrepreneur gets all the equipment to set up their own shop wherever they want