Mine Water Treatment

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Turning wastewater into a valuable resource

With more stringent government legislation and environmental laws, scattered mining and mineral processing operations in rural locations and a scarcity of freshwater available, NuWater’s smart water treatment solutions are designed and built to address these specific challenges.

Our widespread experience, deep understanding and knowledge of the industry, has enabled us to continually improve, refine and innovate the solutions we offer clients by applying and implementing new learnings and insights.

In the decade of developing high performing water treatment solutions for International and local mining giants, NuWater has a 100% track record in re-claiming, re-using and remediating water – no mater how complex, problematic and contaminated the water source is.


Billion Litres +

South Africa exports oil products, minerals and metals, all of which require enormous amounts of water.


Billion Litres

211 tonnes of platinum were exported in 2012, that’s equivalent to 170 billion litres of water—the amount needed to mine and process the metal.


Operational Mines

South Africa has at least 1000 operational mines, which collectively use the same amount of water as the country’s entire population of 53 million.

Extracting value efficiently and effectively

Mobile, scalable and compact, NuWater’s water, wastewater and desalination plants are easy to transport and commission on site, or redeploy to changing water sources and operations.

Cutting-edge technology, best-in-class purpose-fit equipment and engineering ingenuity, means our automated, containerised water treatment plants offer a dramatically reduced footprint with the capacity to produce up to 50 million litres of the highest quality water daily.

Minimising the impact of large runoff streams and metals-laden wastewater on the local environment, NuWater’s smart waste stream management solutions include high water recovery systems which are able to produce a more concentrated and reduced volume of Brine, Zero Liquid Discharge, Biomass to Energy, and Solids Recycling.