Water Treatment for Power Generation, Oil & Gas

Water Treatment of Power Generation, Oil & Gas

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Taking on the toughest environments

Power generation is one of the largest consumers of water worldwide and also, because of the nature of its processes, one of the greatest producers of industrial wastewater.

Reclaiming, reusing and recovering this wastewater to be utilised as potable water or water released back to its source, provides clients with a smart water treatment solution that is both economically and environmentally efficient.

Government legislation, environmental laws and restrictions relating to the release of wastewater back into the environment or the remediation of water back to its original state, require organizations to be proactive or incur heavy penalties including substantial fines and the threat of closure.


South Africa’s biggest power generator is a giant consumer of freshwater, accounting for 1.5% of the country’s total water consumption annually.

7 Barrels

It is estimated that on average, for every barrel of oil produced, seven barrels of wastewater are produced.


Today 98% of oil producers reuse wastewater at onshore wells. However 91% of wastewater from offshore wells is discharged into the ocean.

Re-empowering power companies

Tapping liquid re-sourcing and remediation

NuWater’s mobile and scalable wastewater and desalination treatment plants support both centralized and decentralized operations. This allows us to remediate water sources, no matter where they are located.

Responsible for designing, building and operating the world’s first full-scale seawater desalination plant using our high performing, patented 16” seawater

Reverse Osmosis membrane technology, NuWater is setting new benchmarks in performance, productivity and reliability.

NuWater’s expertise and widespread experience in the power industry also equips us to provide smart water treatment solutions for the Oil and Gas industry.

Similarly to Power generation, the Oil and Gas industries produce large volumes of industrial wastewater, which need to be recovered, reclaimed and reused.

A smart turnkey approach

NuWater’s turnkey approach provides bespoke solutions based on end use requirements – solutions that work to reduce risk, enhance safety and compliance and improve the underlying economics.