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Water Treatment Rental Fleet – A Solid, Viable Solution for a Fluid World

Rental Fleet

South African water-reliant industries and remote communities and sites rely heavily on water treatment and wastewater management systems to meet compliance standards and ensure clean water. However, what happens during water shortages, maintenance and outage schedules, disease outbreaks, or emergencies where the existing plant has failed? The solution: rent a fit-for-purpose water treatment fleet that includes daily […]

[WATCH] NuWater’s approach to solving water challenges faced by the packhouse industry.

The biggest challenge for packhouses is complying with water contaminant standards and showing that processed fresh produce poses zero risks to importing countries. Packhouses use significant amounts of water, and the only way to enter the export market is to meet market compliance regulations and quality safety standards issued under the APS Act and water […]

Wastewater Treatment: From Waste to Resource

As the scarcity of water becomes a more pressing issue and with rising concerns over the environment and the stringent compliance, legislative and environmental regulations against discharge and pollution – industries are under increasing pressure to recycle and reuse their water. But what if we told you that wastewater, once treated, can generate raw materials for energy and agriculture. In […]

The importance of reclaiming, reusing and recovering water

It seems simple: you turn the tap and water pours out. But for millions, this is not the case. Over the past decade, South Africa has witnessed the deterioration of municipal wastewater infrastructure and water treatment quality. According to the Water Research Commission, we lose over a third of our water supply because of aged […]