NuWater Water Treatment News

NuWater is your business partner when it comes to water treatment and liquid waste management. Our appetite for innovation and our constant drive to search for new, cutting edge, novel technologies ensures that we can meet the needs of our customers. We are a technology-led engineering company that designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains water treatment plants. Plants that treat contaminated water for the provision of high-quality drinking and industrial process water from almost any water source.

5 Reasons Why Water Purification is Essential for Public Health

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for maintaining public health. Water treatment is crucial in ensuring[...]

Interest Piece: Revolutionizing Water Management: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable and Efficient Operations

In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into water management systems has emerged[...]

NuWater’s Swift Response: A Full-Scale Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant in 14 Days

In record time, NuWater recently deployed a Chemical preparation and Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant for[...]

Unconventional times call for unconventional solutions.

However, the need for clean, safe drinking water continues to rise, and managing or disposing[...]

Aluminium Smelter’s Holistic Water Treatment Solution by NuWater

The largest aluminium smelter in the southern hemisphere recently contacted NuWater to develop a holistic[...]

Seafood Production Facility Secures Consistent Water Supply Solution

One of South Africa’s largest frozen and fresh seafood suppliers recently secured a consistent water[...]

How Betko Fresh Produce Will Meet Water Demands

Betko struggled to meet water demands. Therefore, they approached NuWater to set them up with[...]

NuWater Success Story: Local Cheese and Butter Manufacturer

A small, family-owned cheese manufacturer quickly became a substantial local market contributor, exceeding the family's[...]

Client Success Story: Sustainable Water Source For Food Manufacturer

The client, based in Tongaat approached NuWater after the devastating storms in April 2022. This[...]