NuWater Success Story: Local Cheese and Butter Manufacturer

NuWater Success Story: Local Cheese and Butter Manufacturer

The Challenge

A small, family-owned cheese manufacturer quickly became a substantial local market contributor, exceeding the family’s wildest expectations. Their ever-expanding capacity and plant facility upgrades posed several challenges such as water availability and inconsistent quality and quantity.

Furthermore, the town’s treated water supplies were quickly being depleted. Consequently, the cheese manufacturer decided to look into the treatment of wastewater to ease the municipality’s burden while supporting the company’s rapid growth.

The most prominent challenge on-site had to be the vast amount of excess wastewater generated from the manufacturing process.

NuWater saw the need for an efficient retreatment system to lessen the municipal load, benefitting the client and their whole community, reusing as much water as possible to minimise waste and boost water quality.

The NuWater Solution

After the initial engagement, NuWater offered the client a consultation to fully understand their sustainability goals. Analytical test reports spurred NuWater towards a solution incorporating pre-conditioning, ultra-filtration and low-pressure reverse osmosis, all containerised for easy deployment and on-site connection.

Furthermore, the proposed NuWater solution allows for an electrical control panel with the potential capacity for a solar tie-in, should our client require such a feature in the future. Currently, our client is taking great care to monitor the various feed streams in terms of quantity and water quality.

Environmental Impact

The NuWater solution has a more significant impact than merely reusing wastewater. The client’s municipal water bill will be much lower once the plant is operational, and the local environment will take less strain since the plant will ease the municipality’s burden to a great extent.

A greater degree of independence from the municipal water supply aids our client in achieving their sustainability goals and protects them from the severe effects of droughts and other similar natural occurrences in the future.

The Outcome

The water treatment plant has three waste streams feeding waters of a combined 619m³ per day, producing a potable water volume of 398m³ per day, equivalent to 50% of the daily consumption currently supplied by the municipality.

This only proves that waste streams are a valuable resource and that the treatment and reuse of wastewater greatly benefit the larger community.

“By introducing the RO plant, we can supply up to 50% of our daily demand, making us less dependent on the already strained municipal water supply. We also appreciate that NuWater is conservative in their approach and doesn’t promise you something that can’t be delivered.”

How NuWater Can Help Your Business

Introducing the reverse osmosis water treatment plant has significant economic implications, saving our client’s resources in the long run.

If you’re looking for a business partner who can supply you with the best water treatment services at an attractive price and reasonable lead time, contact NuWater today.

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