NuWater’s Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

Nuwater'S Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

NuWater continues to see success with one of our rental water treatment plants, a 12-year-old system that has been used for numerous projects so far.

This plant was first purchased as a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system only. However, Ultra-filtration (UF) was installed as pre-treatment within the same container housing. This allows it to treat water with high solids loading without increasing the system’s footprint regarding housing size.

Furthermore, we included additional Reverse Osmosis vessels to increase production capacity from this specific unit to meet client requirements.

Past Successes with This Water Treatment Plant

We first procured this specific rental water treatment plant in the United Kingdom, where it produced potable water for Thames Water alongside bigger machinery. It was also deployed to Ghana as a spare machine but never used for production at the specific site.

Nuwater'S Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

Furthermore, this rental water treatment plant successfully reduced wastewater volumes and increased overall water recovery at a Concentrated Solar Power Plant in the Northern Cape. Following this, it produced boiler feed water during the start-up of another Concentrated Solar Power Plant system, where there was a higher demand than what the onsite system could produce. Most recently, it was used in eMalahleni in Mpumalanga to ensure potable water for consumption.

Flood Relief in KwaZulu-Natal

Currently, the plant is in action in KwaZulu-Natal. We initially started to engage with this client in 2019 because, due to the region’s torrential rains and regular flooding, they were desperate for an alternative water source to keep up with the demands of the food production industry.

Since 60% of our client’s final product consists of water, an immediate solution was necessary — especially since their water usage averages between 300m3 and 400m3 per day.

Nuwater'S Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

Enters NuWater’s Specialised and Tailor-made Solution

At NuWater, we constantly tailor our solutions for each client’s specific needs. For example, our client in KwaZulu-Natal required a lower production volume than this rental water treatment plant’s standard design. So, as a result, we removed 50% of the ultrafiltration modules and 60% of the reverse osmosis vessels and membranes.

Furthermore, we always fully service the rental water treatment plant before deployment to ensure its optimal functioning. Therefore, before it went to KwaZulu-Natal, we serviced all the pumps and motors and thoroughly tested the actuated valves and valve banks. The cabling and pneumatic piping were also cleaned up and tied back. At the same time, even the container housing paint was touched up and any rust removed.

Nuwater'S Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

What’s Next?

This rental water treatment system is already committed to another client once its service in KwaZulu-Natal has been completed at the end of August. Next, it will treat cooling tower feed water at an industrial application where it will reduce the wastewater flow from their cooling system by up to 66%.

All equipment will be installed back into the container for this next deployment to enable the rental water treatment plant to function at its optimal capacity.

Nuwater'S Rental Water Treatment Plant Success

Let’s Get Technical

This plant can treat up to 850kl of wastewater per day and up to 1100kl of river water. When only ultrafiltration is used, 2 ML of water can be treated daily. See the table below for more information:


UF Only

Waste Water

River Water

Production Capacity

Up to 2MLD


Up to 1100kl/day

Power Consumption








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